Sheila Bullard

We are a small company specialising in Reiki, Crystal and Hopi Ear Candle therapy, for those living in the Plymouth and SE Cornwall area.

Please note that while we are confident as to the effects of these therapies, we cannot give any guarantees that they will work for all people all of the time. In addition we ask that you continue with any medication or treatment as advocated by your medical doctors, but do discuss the use of any of these complimentary therapies with them.

Contact Sheila to discuss or book a treatment

We also provide Reiki, and Crystal Therapy training.

This includes a 2 year crystal therapy diploma, which starts with the introduction to Crystals Workshop.

Please ring or email to discuss dates and prices if you are interested, or visit the the website.

We also sell a wide range of all things crystal through her website and at various events through out the South West Region